This will be a collection of IndieWeb components that will make my new web site at http://t73f.de.

The focus is on components that allow the web site to be based mostly on static pages. Only defined endpoints, such as Webmention or Micropub, will accept events from external clients. All other processing will be asynchronous, possibly performed on separate systems. This allows better performance, lowers the demands on servers that host the software, and provides more security due to staging system. Static web pages could also be served via GitHub, Dropbox or other similar services.

All data will be stored in files, not inside a database. The content should be long-lived. I plan to store all file-based artifacts within the software, until the end of my life. A database is too fragile for this requirement. Think about Word/WordPerfect documents vs. LaTeX documents, and you will understand me. Of course, a database could be used as a cache, but this is only an optimization.

The components will be written in Python. They will also provide a starting point for project studies, executed by my students.

On these wiki pages, I will mostly provide preliminary content, such as initial design fragments. If the design is settled a little more, some of the content will be merged into software documentation files.

Preliminary Content


Some Notes